PhD Students

Aggeliki Adamidou

PhD Student
(Supervisor: A. Tsikliras)

Angeliki Adamidou is working in the Fisheries Research Institute (ELGO-DEMETER) as a research technician. She holds a BSc degree in Ichthyology and a MSc degree in Hydrobiology-Aquaculture. She has 25 years of work and research experience in fish biology, fish population dynamics and fishing gear technology. She has participated in 17 research projects that focus mainly on fishing gear selectivity and the assessment of discards. She has two publications in international journals, one chapter in a book as sole author and 20 papers in international and national conferences.

Charalambos Apostolidis

PhD Student
(Supervisor: K. Stergiou)

Charalambos Apostolidis holds a BSc degree in Biology. His research activity focuses on the life history traits of the Mediterranean fishes and fisheries ecology. He has participated in 3 EU projects and published 2 journal articles and 20other publications.

Smaragda Despoti

PhD Student
(Supervisor: K. Stergiou)

Smaragda Despoti holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Hydrobiology and Aquacultures. Her research interest focuses on habitat suitability modelling and habitat mapping of discards. She has contributed 2 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 6 other publications in conference proceedings.

Evangelos Konstantinidis

PhD Student
(Supervisor: K. Ganias)

Evangelos Konstantinidis holds a BTech in Aquaculture & Fisheries and an MSc degree in Aquaculture. He worked as site manager in a fish farm in Greece and during the last 15 years he works in the public sector as Ichthyologist. His research interests are related to environmental issues of aquaculture and aquatic alien species. He has published 5 papers in peer reviewed journals and 4 papers in national and international conferences.

Androniki Pardalou

PhD Student
(Supervisor: A. Tsikliras)

Androniki Pardalou holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc in Oceanography. Her research activity focuses on the conflicts between marine mammals and fisheries, as well as on MPA management. She is a certified Open Water Diver. She has published 5 journal articles and 10 other items.

Triantafyllia Perivolioti

PhD Student
(Supervisor: D. Bobori)

Triantafyllia Perivolioti graduated with a BSc in Biology and in Interdepartmental MSc on Ecological water quality and management. Her research focuses on the application of remote sensing techniques in monitoring of freshwater ecosystems. She is particularly interested in water quality and biodiversity monitoring. She has experience in the use of R, Matlab and the development of Graphical User Interface. She has participated in international/national conferences.

Ioannis Keramidas

PhD Student
(Supervisor: A. Tsikliras)

Ioannis Keramidas holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Fisheries Biology and Management. His research activities focus on fisheries research, alien species monitoring and ecological modelling. He is an experienced PADI Divemaster. He has published 6 journal articles and 6 other items.

Georgios Orfanidis

PhD Student
(Supervisor: A. Tsikliras)

Georgios Orfanidis holds a BSc degree in Biology and a MSc degree in Marine Ecology (University of Lund). During his studies he worked in DTU AQUA (Denmark), SLU (Sweden) and IMR (Norway) labs. Since 2018 he is working in Fisheries Research Institute in Kavala as scientific collaborator. His research interest focuses on fisheries research, stock assessment, stock management and spatiotemporal distributions of demersal fish stocks and their assemblages. He has published one journal article and 5 conference papers.

Maria Demertzioglou

PhD Student
(Supervisor: E. Michaloudi)

Former PhD students


Donna Dimarchopoulou (Supervisor: A. Tsikliras)

Donna Dimarchopoulou is a PhD student that holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Hydrobiology-Aquaculture. Her research activity focuses on ecosystem modeling, Mediterranean stock assessments, the benefits of fishing restrictions on marine populations and the effect of fishing on marine ecosystems. She is an ECOPATH, GIS and stock assessment certified expert. She has published 10 journal articles and 25 other items.

Foivos Mouchlianitis (Supervisor: K. Ganias)

Foivos Alexandros Mouchlianitis is a PhD student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Hydrobiology and Aquacultures. His scientific interests are focused on the reproductive strategies of fish (marine, freshwater and anadromous) and the fisheries management. He has taken part in several projects; he has published two articles in scientific journals and five conference papers.

Maria Christou (Supervisor: K. Stergiou)

Maria Christou holds a BSc degree in Biology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2014) and an MSc degree(Merit) in Ecology and Environmental Management (2015). Her main research interests are in the field of bioeconomics and fisheries management. She is an HCMR PhD scholar since 2015. She has taken part in 3 peer reviewed conference papers. She is currently working on the evaluation of socioeconomic factors that influence discard choices and measures towards a new management regime. She is a Statistical modeller with expertise in R but also works with many other statistical and bioeconomic programmes.

Gerorgia Stamou (Supervisor: E. Michaloudi)

Georgia Stamou holds a BSc degree in Biology and an MSc degree in Applications in Biology with specialization field Fisheries Biology and Management. Her research activity focuses on freshwater zooplankton communities and the development of indices for the ecological quality assessment of Mediterranean lakes based on taxonomic, morphological and functional biodiversity of zooplankton. She is a GIS certified expert. She has published 2 journal articles and 12 other items.

Chrysoula Ntislidou (Supervisor: D. Bobori)

Olga Petriki (Supervisor: D. Bobori)

Paraskevi Karachle (Supervisor: K. Stergiou)

Doulgeraki S. (Supervisor: A. Sinis)

Emmanuil Lamprakis (Supervisor: K. Stergiou)
Athanassios Tsikliras (Supervisor: K. Stergiou)

Platonas Kleanthidis (Supervisor: A. Sinis)

Vassilis Valoukas (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Evangelia Michaloudi (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Wague A. (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Dimitra Bobori (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)
Ioannis Leonardos (Supervisor: A. Sinis)
Konstantina Karlou-Riga (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Georgios Economidis (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Emmanuil Koutrakis (Supervisor: A. Sinis)
Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi (Supervisor: A. Sinis)

Chryssi-YiannaPolitou (Supervisor: A. Sinis)

Antonis Kokkinakis (Supervisor: A. Sinis)

Konstantinos Stergiou (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)
Maria Stoumboudi (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Maria-Helen Zarftzian (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)

Eleni Voultsiadou (Supervisor: P.S. Economidis)